City of Rio Rancho outdoor watering restrictions are currently in effect through October 31, 2023. To prevent water waste, spray irrigation (sprinkler or device that propels water through the air in the form of small particles or droplets) during the hours of 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. is prohibited for all properties within the City limits, or that are served by the City’s water utility. Watering by hand is allowed during these hours.

Residents are encouraged to report water waste violations via the City’s Water Conservation Office (505) 896-8737 or Report Rio Rancho (, the City’s service request system. Those who are not in compliance with the City’s watering restrictions will be subject to the following fees:

Utility customers with less than a two-inch meter 

o    First violation-warning notice

o    Second violation-$25

o    Third violation-$50

o    Fourth violation-$75

o    Fifth violation-$100

o    Sixth violation-$150 fee plus application of a flow restriction device at meter

 Utility customers with at least a two-inch meter

o    First violation-warning notice

o    Second violation-$50

o    Third violation-$100

o    Fourth violation-$150

o    Fifth violation-$200

o    Sixth violation-$300 fee plus application of a flow restriction device at meter

Those with questions or seeking variances to watering restrictions should contact the Environmental Programs Division at (505) 896-8737. Permits and variances to watering restrictions are granted by the City for the following reasons:

•    Repair and maintenance of irrigation systems

•    Establishment of newly landscaped areas within the first 30 days of planting or watering newly seeded or sodded turf

•    A single-day irrigation needed for the application of chemicals needed to safeguard an existing or new landscape

Watering restrictions do not apply to water used for dust control, soil compaction, drip irrigation, low-emitting bubblers, hand watering, and watering of containerized plants and plant stock. Shutoff nozzles are required on any hoses used for hand watering, car washing, or other outdoor uses.

Per the water conservation ordinance adopted by the Rio Rancho Governing Body in 2003, water restrictions are put into place each year from April through October.

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