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Sandoval County

The Signpost: Dec. 1, 2023

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When leaders resort to the unthinkable

Exploring the disturbing normalcy of government shutdowns, urging immediate action in this stark reflection by the author.


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Placitas Library Features Gourd Art

Discover stunning gourd art at the New Mexico Gourd Society exhibit – over 100 hand-crafted pieces, from ornaments to sculptures. Don’t miss this unique collection!

Commission Certifies Election Results Despite Cries From Election Deniers

Serving as the election Canvassing Board on Nov. 17, the Sandoval County Commission got a unanimous vote to certify the results of last month’s local election, despite pleas from election deniers and voter reform advocates that they not certify the voting results. At its Nov. 8 meeting – a day after the local elections were…


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New Mexico’s Outdoor Economy is Booming

New data from the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis shows the outdoor recreation sector’s growing impact on the national and local economy. Nationally, BEA reports outdoor recreation generates $1.1 trillion in economic output—2.2% of the gross domestic product—4.98 million jobs and comprises 3.2% of US employees.  According to the state, New Mexico’s…

Data: Sandoval County’s Local Economy is Booming

Average wages up, unemployment down

Laborers in Sandoval County are back at work in record numbers and making more money than ever. At least that is what payroll data from the county’s 3,075 employers shows. 33,458 workers took home paychecks from Sandoval County employers this summer and their average weekly wage is up to $1,059 per week across all industries,…

RRPD Charge Bernalillo Police Officer in Battery

Officer Also Accused of Abusive Behavior on Duty

A Bernalillo Police officer recently criticized for abusive language during a high-emotion traffic stop this summer was arrested by Rio Rancho Police on November 15 for misdemeanor battery on a household member after RRPD officers responded to a domestic violence call. Officer Jeramie Nevarez was arrested and booked by Rio Rancho police on November 15th…


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Rio Rancho

New Deputies, Officer Hit the Streets

Gov.’s and Legislature’s Officer Recruitment Fund Assisted Hiring

Meet Torrance County Sheriff’s Dept’s 2 new deputies & Edgewood PD’s fresh officer. Graduates of NM Law Enforcement Academy Class #206,

Queen Bees Reported Missing From Corrales Hives

Possible suspect might have had motive: revenge

peculiar case in Corrales unfolds as 11 queen bees vanish, sparking suspicions and a possible motive of revenge. A mysterious man in a black sedan becomes a suspect, prompting an investigation by the Corrales Police Department.

Voters say no thank you to Moms for Liberty

Voters nationwide rejected Moms for Liberty’s restrictive agenda, favoring transparency and inclusive education.


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