Monday, June 5, 2023

Dear Editor: Watch Your Language



I am writing this letter to express my dismay and consternation at the opening remarks of Sandoval County Commissioner Jay C. Block at the Feb. 22, 2023, regular meeting of the commission.

My wife and I attended the meeting to listen to the discussion of the draft ordinance regarding feeding wildlife in Sandoval County. The issue is a hotly contested one in the county, as it is mainly aimed at banning the feeding of wild horses in the area.

While we expected to hear harsh words exchanged regarding the ordinance, we were shocked when Commissioner Block used opening introductions to vociferously denounce House Bill 7 (Reproductive and Gender-Affirming Health Care Act), which was being debated in the state legislative session at the Roundhouse.

Commissioner Block denounced the proposed bill as “evil” and stated the intent of the bill was to strip families of parental rights and to allow parents to “mutilate” their children.

While I do not agree with Commissioner Block’s position on the matter, everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

What I do object to is his using his platform during a county commission meeting to state his political opinion and attempt to browbeat the residents in attendance. He stated that if residents in the audience agreed with mutilating children, to please raise their hands and he would “talk” to them after the meeting.

Once again, while Commissioner Block is entitled to his opinions, I firmly believe the way he expressed them and the platform he used was wholly inappropriate.

I do not attend commission meetings to be held captive to one person’s view. In my opinion not only did Commissioner Block mischaracterize the bill, but he also used his platform to intimidate and mislead the residents in attendance.

There is a time and place for civilized public discourse on matters which affect the lives of New Mexicans. Commissioner Block should not have used his platform at this meeting in the manner that he did.

We need to hold our public officials to the same standards of decency and consideration as we would anyone else.

Beth Schatz and Pamm Meyers



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