Thursday, June 8, 2023


Our mission.

Supporting your local newspaper is support for our community. Newspapers are the one local business that touches everyone in a community from city hall to the local small business.


For more than 40 years, the Corrales Comment has carried the banner, “Reporting as if democracy matters.” We believe that it does and our community, including the land and people in it, has granted us a privileged role as the chief inquirer and connector-of-dots. 

But just reporting the news is not enough. We seek to provide ways for readers to connect with decision makers, advertisers and community members in a thoughtful and impactful way.

We also have a unique opportunity to support and connect local institutions including small businesses, political organizations, governments, nonprofits and community groups working to provide enrichment and improvement in our community.

We are first and foremost local news outlets. We live and shop where we work. Our contributors are from the communities we cover. 

Scroll down to learn more about our guiding principles and what we strive to do everyday. 


Our history.

Of all the newspapers that have come and gone from Bernalillo since territorial days, The Sandoval Signpost is the last one standing. The Signpost began as the Sign Post (two words) as a community newsletter started by Candy Frizzell in 1988. It quickly grew into a full community newspaper and in 1993 Barb and Ty Belknap bought the Sign Post where they published it until 2022 when they began seeking a new owner.

In 2022, Belknap Publishing sold the Signpost to CTRL+P Publishing, an alliance of local newspapers committed to preserving local news coverage for New Mexico’s small towns.

Read about the 140+ year history of news in Sandoval County in Bill Diven’s look back at the Signpost’s history.


Our team.

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TS Last

TS Last. TS Last is a New Mexico journalism institution. Before joining CTRL+P Publishing as editor of the Sandoval Signpost and Corrales Comment, he served as editor of the Journal North, the ABQ Journal's northern New Mexico edition, general manager of the El Defensor Chieftan in Socorro, and local reporter with the Valencia News-Bulletin. An avid baseball fan, TS's dream job was his first one: working and writing for minor league baseball teams across the countr